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October 15, 2018
Our website have acquired as SSL (https) and SSL server certificate (company real authentication).
We have adapted to constantly SSL all pages so that everyone can safely use the website of TAIMEI Gallery. Accordingly, the URL will be changed to the following.

(Old) "http://www.taimei-g.com/" or "http://taimei-g.com/"

(New) "https://www.taimei-g.com/" or "https://taimei-g.com/"

* If you access by old address, it will be automatically transferred (redirected) to "https://www.taimei-g.com" automatically. Bookmarks can be used as before, but if you are registered as a bookmark or favorite, I hope you can fix it if possible.

We will continue to improve and maintain our website so that we can continue to use it for customers in the future, so thank you in the future.
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